Greggersen gas welding equipment -  tradition is a commitment

Originally established as a firm specialising in welding equipment, we now have at our disposal all the expertise of gas welding technology:


PLANNING of the central gas supply for training centres, laboratories and workshops in the trades and throughout industry.


HIGH PRODUCTION DEPTH of up to 80%, one-off to mass production, from manual work to state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing processes.


INSTALLATION,  assembly, performance tests, leak tests, acceptance tests and handover to the user of components and systems.


SERVICE: servicing, repairs and maintenance for equipment, in-house and in the field.


OUR PRODUCTS range from gas welding sets for welding, cutting and brazing, to valves and gas supply systems for compressed critical gases. Computer-aided systems for the administration and monitoring of media supply as well as ultra-pure gas valves for laboratory and laser technology serve to round off our extensive range of products.

Our products are extremely durable and reliable on account of their sturdy design and they meet the highest demands in terms of technology. Spare parts and components have long replacement guarantees and are available ex stock.