The Greggersen Creed

As a specialist in critical and compressed gases, we deal with two different sectors: welding and cutting, and medical gases. For three generations, we have offered highly dependable installations and systems in tune with the times for our customers from both sectors. 

In our medical division, we want to help prolong life through our work. This obliges us to pursue perfection and fulfils us in a way that goes above and beyond the purely professional. 

We are building on our proven expert knowledge, our strengths in design, our personal commitment and our determination to act, rather than react, when it comes to our customers. 

We feel obliged to offer our customers the best quality performance, advice and service at all times. We want to act with sensitivity, circumspection and flexibility, prioritizing solutions and thinking and acting with clarity.

We are convinced that our employees are at their best when they know and share our corporate goals, when their performance comes from a place of high motivation and involvement, and when this performance is fairly rewarded. 

We respect our employees' dignity, and we esteem them as respectable colleagues and people. We see each one of them as an individual. We take their concerns and wishes seriously. We ask them for their opinions and encourage their personal and professional development. 

We firmly believe that our employees have a great future before them when we manage to let them all share in our success. Our employees, our customers and our partners.