Greggersen medical equipment - made by people, for people

For the treatment of patients medical gases such as oxygen, compressed air, nitrous oxide, vacuums and carbon dioxide are required in virtually all fields. These gases are either reduced, metered or used for other apparatus by Greggersen Medical Equipment products in order to allow individualised treatment of the patient. Always according to the policy: optimum dose for the patient's benefit.

are used during insufflation and inhalation. Drug nebulisation and oxygen therapies can also be conducted with these precision products.

There are vacuum-driven and air-driven suction units available depending on the driving gas. Bronchial suction, wound exudation suction or thorax drainage – the reliable products of all-metal design will meet your requirements.

PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES handle two tasks at the same time: safe, reliable reduction of cylinder pressure and constant metering of mean pressure or required flow.

COMBINATION UNITS are created by combining components from the product categories of flow meters, suction units and pressure-reducing valves. These compact devices fulfil several purposes and are used in emergency supply for example.

RAIL RANGE/ACCESSORIES serves to round off the portfolio of Greggersen Medical Equipment: storage baskets, holding arms or medical hoses and tubes – here you will find the matching accessory..